Mohair Cinches

Welcome to our custom mohair cinch site.  Functional art for the horse and rider.

Traditional mohair cinches hand made in America for the ultimate comfort of your horse and style for you.

This 100% mohair Vaguero style cincha is in brown, honey, sorrel and black.

Mohair is the long, silky hair of the angora goat which is carded, spun and corded. 100% Mohair cord is all natural angora goat hair used in our cinches and cinchas.  We also use 96% mohair and 4% wool cording made in America.

Why use mohair for cinch making?

* Mohair is a natural animal fiber from the angora goat.

* Exceptionally soft, breathable, strong, and durable.

* Wicks sweat and moisture away from your horse.

* May be worn by sensitive horses that tend to chafe, or are allergic to synthetic or non-breathing materials.

* Your horse will appreciate the feel of it.

* Mohair is an ideal material for making sturdy, comfortable, and long lasting cinches provided it is kept free from dried on sweat and dirt.

A custom cinch can be made to match a saddle or saddle pad.

All cinches are custom made from the finest mohair available on the market.   Color may vary due to dye lot and monitor settings. 

Mohair from the angora goat is used for the comfort of your horse.  Your horse will love you for it!

You choose your colors, initials or brand, and buckle.  Then add your length. 

Orders often will take from 1 to 2 weeks. 

Your cinch will be shipped USPS Priority Mail and insured for the actual cost of shipping with insurance.

Pricing: Traditional Mohair Cinches


If you would like to order your custom cinch or purchase an in stock cinch, please email Vicki.

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