Traditional Mohair Cinches

How to care for your mohair cinch.

What are the benefits of using mohair in cinch weaving? Mohair, a natural animal fiber, is the long, silky hair of the Angora goat which has been carded, spun and corded.  Not only does mohair wick sweat and moisture away from your horse, it is breathable, soft, resilient and durable. Mohair cinches are a good choice for horses who chafe or are allergic to synthetic or non-breathing materials commonly used in today's cinches.

Mohair's durability and breathablity make it an ideal material for
comfortable, sturdy and long lasting cinches with proper care.  Simply brush off the dried and caked mud and dirt.  In addition, there is no need to brush off the horse hair as, over time, it will felt with the mohair cincha resulting in even more comfort for you horse.  If necessary, we recommend hand washing and rising in cold water.  Hang and let it air dry.  If there is any shrinkage, your cinch will stretch back to its original length with use.

When you receive your cinch, it will be about one inch shorter than ordered. This is to compensate for the natural stretch within the fiber.  All cinches are 100% mohair unless otherwise noted.  Due to market demands, we may occasionally need to use a 96% mohair, 4% wool blend.  In such cases, you will be notified.


Care Instructions

Rinse your mohair cinch in a bucket of cool water by grabbing the buckle ends and rock the cinch gently.  Rinse the same way.  It is best to leave the horse hair on the cinch to add more comfort for the horse as the horses hair will felt up the back of the cinch.  You may use a mild soap to remove the grime.  Grime will sore up your horse on any of your tack.  Enjoy your custom cinch for years to come with proper care.

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